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Big Rapids Police Blotter 5/11-12


40-2200937 @ 9:39am Found Property handicap placard turned in to BRDPS

40-2200938 @ 11:18am 500 block N Warren Ave Juvenile complaint taken by the SRO

40-2200939 @ 1:24pm State St/Maple St number pulled for the traffic assists that were performed during the heavy rain.

40-2200940 @ 6:51pm PDA at N State St/W Pine St 

40-2200941 @ 6:30pm Civil 500 block Division St – complaint of roommates arguing, one roommate spit at the feet of the other.

40-2200942 @ 7:45pm Warrant Arrest/civil complaint 1000 block Fuller Ave – Officers were called to a possible domestic between an adult and a juvenile. It was determined to be just a push between the two, the adult had a warrant out of MSP Hart and was lodged at MCSO. 

40-2200943 @ 4:51am Suspicious Situation 1100 block Catherine St, Complainant was getting ready to leave for work when he found an unknown vehicle in his driveway. A male was sleeping in his car, appeared intoxicated, and thought he was at a friend’s. The car was removed by homeowner per the male’s request and parked across the road. The male left on foot and was told by officers not to drive. Approximately a half hour later dispatch received a call the suspect’s car was south bound on Catherine St. Officers found the suspect car parked at a residence and the male stated he wasn’t driving. The complainant couldn’t identify the male as the driver.



40-2200944 Prisoner pick up from Lake County

40-2200945 @ 10:08am 900 block N Dekraft Ave.  Complainant had $330 stolen off Bridge Card. Under investigation.

40-2200946 @ 11:11am 500 block N Warren Miscellaneous call handled by SRO

40-2200947 @ 1:33pm Sunoco 500 block S Third Ave Fail to pay.  Silver vehicle, black male driver, no plate info, headed WB on M20. No other info.

40-2200948 @ 12:57pm Mental/Disorderly 400 block S Third St.  Female was having mental crisis.  She went to ER voluntarily

40-2200949 @ 2:02pm 600 block Bjornson Ave Check Wellbeing on female.  Severe medical issues and hadn’t been around for 2 weeks.  Entry was made as dispatch advised she was in hospital in GR.

40-220950 @ 3:21pm 700 block Perry Larceny of Cellphone.  Complainant came in to report his cell phone stolen from 5/6/22.  No suspects

40-2200951 @ 3:45pm 200 blk S Stewart Arrest male for Reed City PD. Met a dispatch and turned over to them.

40-2200952 @ 7:33pm 400 block S Stewart, 9-year-old throwing rocks and smoking cigarettes. Parents and CPS were contacted, and petition will be sent over.

40-2200953 @ 12:07am 1200 block Maple St., Domestic between male and female. Parties were separated and warrants will be sought for both. CPS also contacted due to kids being present.

40-2200954 @ 4:23am 1200 block Perry Ave., ALARM building was secure and no key holder responded. 

Big Rapids Police Blotter 5/9-10


40-2200921 @ 6:38am 400 block Perry Ave 911 Open line, all fine

40-2200922 @ 9:56am – Found Social Security Card turned into office

40-2200923 @ 10:13am Found property – Gray backpack found near dog park turned into office

40-2200924 @ 9:50am 200 block Woodward – Civil, civil between two subjects over internet and a Nintendo Switch. One was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant from Osceola for animal abandonment and turned over to OCSO at dispatch.

40-2200925 @ 1:00pm 300 block N Warren, area check- juveniles were on the island behind BRMS chopping down trees. Located juveniles in Hemlock, who were all skipping school. Will be referred for truancy

40-2200926 @3:46pm 500 block N Warren Ave Juvenile complaint- female refused to leave school due to her phone being taken.  Given a ride home and turned over to her mother.

40-2200927 @ 4:59pm Darwin/Bjornson Hit and Run–tree service truck backed into power pole, stopped, looked at it, and left.  Driver was identified. Citation will be issued. Pole was damaged and will need replacement. Consumers was advised.

40-2200928 @ 8:57pm 800 block S State St. traffic stop for no plate led to driver being cited for No Insurance. Passenger was arrested for Fail to appear warrant out of Ottawa County.

40-2200929 @ 4:11am 400 block Linden St. Suspicious, Male sent nude photo to scammer who threatened to send it to friends or have him arrested. The male sent $150 through Cash App. Suspect appears to be foreign based on text conversation. He was advised to report to Cash App for possible refund.



40-2200930 @ 11:06am 500 block Willow Ave. Assault. SRO took an assault complaint involving juveniles.

40-2200931 @ 11:56am 400 block Perry Ave 911 Hang Up. Building is having continued phone issues and is in contact with their IT to correct the phone issue.

40-2200932 @ 1:32pm BRPD. Found property. The fishing tackle box and ID were returned to the owner.

40-2200933 @ 11:55am 400 Elm St. Prisoner Pick Up. Male was picked up from Manistee County Jail for his court warrants.

40-2200934 @ 6:47pm Parkview Village. Civil Dispute. Female upset that ex-husband keeps calling because he is upset about her dating a new man and the possibility of the children being around him.

40-2200935 @ 7:30pm Maple St/Fourth traffic for no plate led to driver being cited for No Insurance/Unregistered Vehicle.

40-2200936 @ 8:51pm Escott St/Spring St traffic stop for speed on Fuller led to driver being cited for No Insurance/Improper Plate/Unregistered Vehicle. Curries Impounded.

Proposed 2022-23 budget presented to Big Rapids Commissioners

The Big Rapids City Commission discussed its proposed $31-million dollar for next fiscal year, during the study session earlier this week. 

City Treasurer Aaron Kuhn detailed the budget to commissioners.

"The budget is balanced, with all operating and capital improvement expenditures covered by current revenues and available fund balance." Kuhn said. "There are continued one-mill investments into city streets, the Big Rapids Community Library as well as a proposed one-mill for Hemlock Park." There are sufficient resources allocated for close to $6.5-million in suggested capital projects."


Kuhn also told commissioners he expects income tax revenue to increase and is expected to return to normal due to the employment sector and a rise in wages. However, he noted state transportation revenue sharing for roads will decrease due to the latest census. 


During his presentation, Kuhn noted how the city has been paying off its outstanding debt of $9.2 million from five years ago its current amount of $5.3 million dollars. 

Streets in Big Rapids that have been impacted by Wednesday's storms

Storms and flooding from Wednesday are impacting residents and commuters today.


 According to the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety as the rain stopped, the rivers and creeks around the area became overfull and caused more extensive flooding within the city.


This flooding is forcing the closure of several streets within the city; Hemlock St. between N. Michigan Ave. and N. State St. will be closed indefinitely due to damage. N. Michigan Ave. from E. Pine St. to E. Bellevue St. will be closed until this afternoon.


Police remind you to NOT travel through flooded roads and find another way to reach your destination.

Blessing of the Bikes weekend starts Friday in Baldwin

The 50th annual Blessing of the Bikes will take place once again as the community of Baldwin , will host thousands of motorcyclists.


The event is always held the third Sunday in May, which falls on May 15 this year. Bikers gather at the Baldwin Municipal Airport and receive a blessing for a safe riding season.


The event started in 1972 with four bikes.


Since then the Blessing of the Bikes has grown into a weekend-long community gathering that includes fundraising, music, vendors and contests.

Couple injured in vehicle/semi crash on US-131 in Mecosta Co.

Deputies in Mecosta County believe a medical issue was the likely cause of a crash involving a vehicle and semi-truck.


An investigation found that a 57-year old man from Stanwood ran into the back of a semi on southbound US-131 near Jefferson.


Stanwood man and his passenger, a 55-year old woman from Missouri, were injured. 


They were taken a local hospital  for treatment. The semi driver was not injured.

Just in: Police asking avoid Big Rapids area because of flooding

The Mecosta County Emergency Management and Big Rapids Department of Public Safety is advising those who are out on the road to avoid the area due to flooding and other traffic issues. 


S. State Street and Perry Ave. 


According to Big Rapids DPS, affected areas are S State St/Perry Ave,  State St/Maple St and 600 block of Maple St. 


S. State Street and Perry Ave. 

There is a flood warning until 7:30pm, according to the Mecosta County Emergency Management thunderstorms could bring a potential of an additional one to two inches of rain. 

Spectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital recognized with an 'A' for safety

Spectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital was awarded an ‘A’ in the spring 2022 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, a national distinction recognizing the hospital’s achievements protecting patients from harm and providing safer health care.

“We’re very excited to earn this distinction that validates our team’s good work,” said
Andrea Leslie, president of Spectrum Health Big Rapids, Reed City, United and Kelsey
Hospitals. “With the challenges COVID-19 has brought, patient safety is more important
than ever. I’m really proud of our team in keeping patient safety our highest priority.”

Big Rapids Hospital was one of four Spectrum Health West Michigan hospitals that were awarded “A” grades this fall by Leapfrog. Spectrum Health United Hospital, Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital and Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital were also recognized for providing safer care.

The Leapfrog Group is an independent national watchdog organization committed to health care quality and safety. The Safety Grade assigns an ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ or ‘F’ grade to all general hospitals across the country and is updated every six months. It is based on a hospital’s performance in preventing medical errors, injuries, accidents, infections and other harms to patients in their care.

“As our health care system continues to feel the strain of the pandemic, I thank the
workforce and leadership of Big Rapids Hospital for sustained commitment to patient
safety, day in and day out,” said Leah Binder, president and CEO of The Leapfrog
Group. “An ‘A’ Safety Grade is an outstanding achievement, and one that is not possible
without a 24/7 effort by the entire health care workforce to protect patients from harm.
This community should be proud.”

Developed under the guidance of a national Expert Panel, the Leapfrog Hospital Safety
Grade uses up to 27 measures of publicly available hospital safety data to assign grades
to more than 2,600 U.S. acute-care hospitals twice per year. The Hospital Safety Grade’s
methodology is peer-reviewed and fully transparent, and the results are free to the public.


To see Big Rapids Hospital’s full grade details and to access patient tips for staying safe
in the hospital, visit

Sheriff's Corner: Respect and family environment leads to a successful Sheriff's Department

Leading up to doing this editorial, I had contemplated on a couple different topics. An incident
in March made my choice clear. There aren’t many career fields that are so closely related to
being on a sports team as law enforcement. This was never more evident than during our
arrest of a felony probationer showing the true team and family aspect that drew me to this

A deputy from our office conducted a traffic stop on a subject that was wanted by the 49th
Circuit Court Probation / Parole Office. The traffic stop took place at the Dollar General, in
Green Township. The deputy contacted the probationer who was driving the vehicle.

A second deputy arrived on scene and was at the passenger side of the vehicle as the primary
deputy was speaking with the driver and had advised him that he needed him to step from the
vehicle, as his Michigan Department of Corrections Agent wanted him taken into custody for
being in violation of his felony probation. The driver disregarded the order, threw the car into
reverse, and attempted to flee, striking the deputy, knocking him to the ground, and then
hitting the patrol car. The lone passenger in the car, attempted to get the driver to stop, yelling
at him to stop and then throwing the vehicle in park and pulled out the keys – throwing them
from the vehicle.

The suspect then fled on foot, running toward Northland Dr. The deputy who was struck, was
able to get up and pursue the suspect. The suspect was blocked from running across Northland
Dr. by a responding / assisting detective who was with the suspect’s probation officer. The
detective, probation officer and deputy were able to then get the suspect into handcuffs. The
suspect continued to resist arrest while being patted down and attempted to be secured in a
patrol car.

As a result of the call, and a call for backup by the assisting deputy on scene, multiple law
enforcement units, from both the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office and Big Rapids Department
of Public Safety, responded to the area. The law enforcement officers on scene attempted to
secure the 29-year-old male.

The suspect continued resisting after being taken to the ground to control him. Once on the
ground, the suspect was put in a seated recovery position where he continued resisting and
then attempted to grab an assisting officer’s weapon. The suspect was restrained and was then
attempted to be put in a patrol car. The suspect continued resisting and while attempting to
get him into the patrol car, head-butted the rear window breaking out the window and injuring

Deputies were able to get the suspect into a patrol vehicle where he was taken to the hospital.
Due to the male’s past and present violent behavior with law enforcement, several MCSO and
BRDPS stood by with the male while he received his medical care, so he could be cleared to be
lodged at the jail.


We all realized how fortunate we were that the incident was handled in the tactically sound
and professional manner it was, that helped lead to the safe and positive outcome we had. We
are also fortunate to have one another’s back and to be unified, no matter of the color of our
uniforms, in serving and protecting our community.

Since being in office at the MCSO, we have looked upon and treated our members of the
department as being family members, and the fact we are a team. This means not only the
road personnel, but our corrections, and support staff too. Just like any other team, everyone
has a role for us to be successful. Our family is not just our office but extends out to the other
first responders we work with, local and nationally.

You often hear law enforcement, and first responders speak of family when referring to one
another. Our family goes beyond the men and women who wear the uniforms. They are also
the significant others and their children. These are the family members who sacrifice having a
loved one who chose a career to serve the public.  It is these family members who are not able
to have their loved one present on a holiday or special occasion. These men and women who
have chosen a career in public service often know they will miss a lot of personal family
moments or milestones. Like being called away from their child’s birthday celebration, missing
a sporting event with family, or canceling a family trip due to their work schedule. The list goes

Being a law enforcement officer or in the first responder field has nothing to do with being
friends and buddies.  It’s respect and admiration for one another. It means working hard for the
family unit, doing things the right way, and holding each other accountable for our actions.  Not
only for our primary family but, our extended families too.  That is what a law enforcement,
first responder family is about.

This family doesn’t just include our present members but extends out to those who came
before us. Something always important to me is to respect those who came before us, or who I
had a chance to work with who have since moved on in their lives. The history that led our
agency to be what it is today needs to be respected and remembered. It has made me very
happy to have past employees of the MCSO feel comfortable enough to stop in and just say

Nowhere has the idea of family been more evident than, in the past year, Undersheriff Williams
and I meeting with a former MCSO Administrator.  We began meeting weekly after we reached
out to him inquiring on him consulting the two of us on the administrative roles we had and to
aid us as in broadening our perspective on what was needed, to guide our agency as we move
into the future. This person and his wife were a mentor to Mike as he began his career in law
enforcement over 20 years, with the two of them being the same to my wife and I both
professionally and personally. We still consider them part of our MCSO Family.


This takes me back to the arrest leading to this editorial. The law enforcement family can be a
complex and dysfunctional one at times. We don’t always love or get along with one another.
We have differences and disagreements, sometimes heated and drawn out. In the end though,
when in times of trouble we always come together to cover one another’s 6.

With National Corrections Officer Week and National Police Week both taking place this month,
despite the current state of law enforcement, I am optimistic about the future of policing in the
United States. The level of cooperation, sophistication, and professionalism has never been
higher, here in Mecosta County, and in our country. Our job is an honorable one, with law
enforcement battles day-after-day, hour-after-hour, requiring us to give our very best and
continually fight for what we believe in. The sacrifices that our family make is not in vain. To
protect and serve the community we all took an oath to work for and with. Family working
with family as a team to make this the safest community it can be.

Rep. Hoitenga: State budget plan provides critical resources while respecting taxpayer dollars

State Rep. Michele Hoitenga last week voted to advance budget proposals that make crucial investments in schools, roads and public safety throughout northern Michigan and prioritize sustainable spending, while paving the way for needed tax relief.


“People want access to crucial services for themselves and their families, but they also want their tax dollars to be put to good use,” said Hoitenga, of Manton. “They want to feel safe in their communities and have infrastructure that isn’t crumbling when they’re out running errands. The Legislature has responded to these priorities and needs with this budget plan – and I supported measures that prioritize targeted one-time funding instead of pursuing a bunch of new programs that aren’t sustainable and may have to be cut later. This plan is an effective way forward for our area and our state, and it is both mindful and respectful of taxpayer dollars.”


Highlights of the plan include:

Support for students: Hoitenga advocated for $50 million within the House K-12 plan to offset outsized transportation costs for rural schools as inflation soars and gas prices rise substantially. Rural schools will be able to help get kids to school through a weighted funding formula that provides up to $250 per pupil, depending on pupils per square mile.


Better roads: The House plan includes a Department of Transportation budget of nearly $6.8 billion, including an additional one-time investment of $750 million specifically for local roads – continuing House Republican efforts to improve roads without additional tax increases.


Emphasis on public safety: The House budget plan boosts resources for a variety of law enforcement recruitment and retention efforts with $125 million in funding. Hoitenga said the measures came from speaking with local first responders and law enforcement officials throughout Michigan to determine what they need to keep their communities safe, and the budget plan reflects these needs.


The plan also leaves $1 billion for annual tax relief starting in the upcoming fiscal year that will put more money back in people’s pockets across northern Michigan. Whitmer has vetoed Republican tax relief plans that would have helped workers and retirees, as well as drivers going to the gas pump, but efforts will continue to lower taxes immediately as part of the budget process.


The measures now move to the Senate for further consideration.

Area law enforcement pay respects at 2022 Police Memorial


After a two year hiatus due to the pandemic, members of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies came out to the campus of Ferris State University to pay respects to past and present fallen officers during the 17th Annual Police Memorial.



Keynote Speaker and Mecosta County Sheriff Brian Miller told attendees when he got his first job as a police officer 26 years ago he wanted to make a difference like a lot of his other brothers and sisters in law enforcement. 


“We all go into this job to make a difference, a positive one,” Miller said. “Events come up sometimes where we have to make that quick decision. And you hope through training and experience that those decisions are the correct ones.”


Following Miller's speech, Ferris State DPS Director John Allen addressed the crowd and the playing “Taps,” to close out the program. 

Reed City Police Weekly Blotter

Monday… 5/2
Two juveniles were issued citations for being in possession of a marijuana vape pen.

Complaint made to the department by a parent of phone threats that were made to her minor daughter. The person involved is no longer living in the state, but the incident was recorded and on file.

Tuesday … 5/3
Officers found a child’s bike at Westerburg Park. If you are missing a bicycle please contact the RCPD to identify.

Wednesday …5/4
Officers found 3 juveniles in violation of the city curfew. All 3 were returned to parents and issued a


Officers were dispatched to a residence for possible child neglect. The mother was intoxicated, and the children were turned over to a grandparent and case sent to CPS for investigation.

Thursday … 5/5
Officers dispatched to conduct a well being check. After a conversation with the person, it was found that he is well and feeling okay.

Officers dispatched to residence for person exhibiting unusual behavior. Community Mental Health was briefed and the person assisted back to their apartment.

Officers assisted Osceola County Deputy with a B&E investigation.

Officers dispatched to residence for an out of control juvenile. Following an investigation, the juvenile was transported for mental health treatment.

Friday …5/6
Officers were dispatched to an individual experiencing mental health difficulties. The matter was turned over to Community Mental Health.

Officers were requested by Community Mental Health to take an individual into protective custody and transport them for an evaluation.

Officers arrested a 32-year-old male on an outstanding warrant out of Mecosta County for violation of bond release conditions.

Saturday …5/7
Officers transported an individual to a mental health facility for in-patient treatment


Sunday …5/8
Officers issued an abatement notice for an unregistered and/or inoperable vehicle.

New MCEDC Executive Director meets Big Rapids City Commissioners

New Mecosta County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Kelly Wawsczyk met with the Big Rapids City Commission last night.


Wawsczyk told the commission she grew up on the Newaygo/Mecosta County boarder and Big Rapids was always a hub for getting groceries or if her family had any medical needs.


She says she's very excited to work with those in Big Rapids to achieve long term goals.


"The city will thrive by communicating and collaborating. My role is to connect the county with resources to educate and planning opportunities to assist in projects including expansion, talent and sustaining efforts you already have in place.” Wawsczyk said.

“My approach to the job is to lead the promotion of economic development Mecosta County through attraction expansion and retention within our businesses and industries.”


Wawsczyk previously served Newaygo County Regional Educational Service Agency’s Headway Coalition collaborating with community sectors to provide services to promote a healthier community.

BR City Commissioner Andrews resigns from seat

Big Rapids City Commissioner Robert Andrews has resigned.


The announcement was made during a special Big Rapids City Commission meeting last week.


In a letter to City Manager Mark Gifford, Andrews cited personal medical problems and related concerns.


The City must fill the vacancy within 45 days according to City Attorney Eric Williams.


Anyone who is interested in filling the open commission seat, there will be a form to fill out on the city's website.


The deadline to apply is May 27th.

Chronic Wasting Disease found in Mecosta Co.

State officials say Chronic Wasting Disease has been found in a farmed white-tailed deer in Mecosta County.


The infected three-year-old deer was found through routine testing and the state is investigating to rule out if there were any other CWD exposures in the farmed deer.


CWD is a deadly neurological disease that affects different species, which includes white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk and moose. It can be spread directly from one animal to another, and indirectly through the environment.

Big Rapids Police Weekend Blotter


40-2200901 @ 1:23pm 600 block S State St. BOL for possible intoxicated driver in drive thru. Driver left prior to arrival but was later located and arrested for OWI high BAC after she left the roadway, hit a street sign, and then a tree as she was pulling into her residence.  Vehicle impounded to Curries; canine passenger taken to shelter. 

40-2200902 @ 6:40pm Warrant Pickup Lake County Male in Contempt of Court.

40-2200903 @ 9:04pm 100 block Maple St Mental.  Female stated her 14 year old grandson was missing.  Long history of mental and dementia complaints of the same.  Attempted to contact her daughter both by telephone and her home. 

40-2200904 @ 9:31pm 1100 block Catherine.  Female was yelling for help.  She suspects her significant other of cheating on her and was "emotionally" crying.  Nothing physical.  Male left for the night.

40-2200905 @ 9:44pm 423 Ives.  Missing autistic juvenile. He was found in the house prior to our arrival. 

40-2200906 @ 1:52am 1800 block Milton.  Caller stated she was being threatened by a male.  Information she provided dispatch was unable to be verified on scene.  Advised of PPO process.  Male was contacted and advised as well. 

40-2200907 @ 10:00pm Warrant Pickup Calhoun County for FTA.  

40-2200908 @ 3:55am 300 block S. Warren.  Fire under the front porch believed to be from a tenant’s cigarette but unknown on the real ignition source.  No foul play suspected. 



40-2200909 @ 7:50am N Stewart/Maple traffic stop for no plate resulted in driver being cited for No Ops, No Insurance, MIP Alcohol. Vehicle towed by Curries

40-2200911 @10:22am 1000 block Bjornson Juvenile was allowed to stay the night at a friend’s house after argument with mom. Mom went to pick her up this morning and she was gone. Juvenile located at different friend’s house and was allowed to stay.

40-2200910 @10:41am 300 block Morrison St Mental. Male was walking around and incoherent. Transported to SHBR to be evaluated.

40-2200912 @ 8:31pm 1100 block Platt.  Loose Mastiff was taken to ARC.  Very friendly.  No tags

40-2200913 @ 12:36am CWB 200 block Hemlock.  Male texted his mom SOS.  Contact was made with him, and he advised it was an accidental dial. 

40-2200914 @ 3:15am City Lot 4.  Heavily intoxicated male stumbled back into the bar.  He was located in his vehicle in the back seat and had urinated himself.  Contact was made with his mother who responded from Howard City to pick him up.



40-2200915 @ 1:21pm 200 block S Stewart Ave. Assist. Officers responded to assist with a disorderly 21-year-old autistic male who had become violent. Male calmed down as officers arrived and officers assisted the family with getting to the Rock Café.

40-2200916 @ 3:04pm 300 block N Warren Ave. Traffic stop led to driver being issued an appearance ticket for no insurance.

40-2200917 @ 4:08pm 800 block N State St. Civil. Male and female disputed who took a set of speakers from the residence.

40-2200918 @ 8:39pm Assist to fire 1100 block Catherine led to male being arrested on multiple misdemeanor warrants.

40-2200919 @ 10:52pm Assist to MSP on traffic stop Colburn/Bronson led to two females being arrested for misdemeanor warrants.

40-2200920 @ 1:54am Tampering with vehicle, 1100 block Fuller. Caller went out to her vehicle and found that all four tires had been removed from her car and had been placed under the vehicle. Unknown suspects.


Bill Pink officially voted in as Ferris State University's 19th President

Ferris State University’s Board of Trustees has unanimously voted to name Bill Pink as its 19th and next president during official action at its regularly-scheduled board meeting on Friday, May 6, in Big Rapids.


Pink, currently the president of Grand Rapids Community College, will become the first African-American president in Ferris’ 138-year history after previously becoming GRCC’s first African American president in its 100-plus-year history in May 2017. Following the trustees’ official vote, Pink expressed gratitude in the confidence the board has placed in him to become the university’s next president, following in the footsteps of David L. Eisler, the current president, who is retiring after serving 19 years of leadership at Ferris.


“I am grateful to the Board of Trustees for the honor they have given me and the confidence they have in me to become the next president of Ferris State University,” Pink said. “Ferris has a long and proud tradition in higher education that extends more than 135 years. Ferris embodies its core values of collaboration, diversity, ethical community, excellence, learning and opportunity. These foundational principles will be at the heart of the work we continue to do moving Ferris forward. I also thank Dr. David Eisler for his many years of guiding the university.”


Board of Trustees Chair Amna Seibold, on behalf of her fellow trustees, announced Pink as the selected finalist to become the next Ferris president on Monday, March 28. That announcement capped a comprehensive national search with input from a search advisory committee that included participation from students, alumni, faculty, staff, the community and the trustees. Seibold has high praise for Pink, who will officially assume the presidency on Monday, July 11.


“Today’s vote by the Board of Trustees reaffirms the confidence we have in Dr. Pink as he is now officially the next president of Ferris State University,” Seibold said. “While there is significant work ahead, we’re united in our confidence in Dr. Pink as the right person to take on the challenge of leading Ferris into the future.”


The search for Ferris’ next president started in 2021, aided by the efforts of the 25-member search advisory committee. The executive search firm, WittKieffer, assisted the trustees and the search advisory committee before the trustees made the final decision.


With the process now completed, Pink looks forward to the work ahead as he prepares to step in as Ferris’ next president.


“When I was named the selected finalist in March, I was overwhelmed by so many warm welcomes and well wishes that have made me and my family all the more excited to join the Ferris State community,” Pink said. Bill and his wife, Lori, have two children, Lance and Lydia. Lance is married to his wife, Kayla, and they have a son, Nate. “I very much look forward to meeting with our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members and talking more about how together we can build upon the impactful work and momentum at Ferris and take the university to new heights.”


Pink’s salary will be $425,000.

Big Rapids City Commissioners to hold meeting tonight

The Big Rapids City Commission meets tonight to discuss and act on a number of resolutions on their agenda.


In study session, commissioners will be discussing issues including a budget presentation from Treasurer Aaron Kuhn, water and sewer rates, the Muskegon River Watershed and how the marijuana tax revenue should be spent.


A public Hearing will also be held on the city budget.


In general business, commissioners will be taking action on resolutions including, awarding bid for the Jackson Street and N. Third Street improvement project and awarding a bid for airport farming services.


The meeting begins in person at 6:30pm at City Hall or virtually on Zoom. 

Here is the agenda for tonight's meeting: 


Home invasion suspect shot and killed by homeowner in Clare

A home intruder was shot and killed at a home in Clare County this morning. 

In a press release, Clare Police Chief David Saad said officers received a call to a home in Clare for a home invasion in progress. Upon arriving to the scene, officers heard gunshot from the residence. 

An initial investigation determined the homeowner shot the suspect causing fatal injuries. 

The homeowner and police officers were not injured. 

The case remains under investigation.  


Intuit ordered to pay millions to customers tricked into paying for TurboTax

Intuit -- the owner of TurboTax, has reached a multistate agreement in which the company has to pay a total of $141-million dollars to consumers who were unfairly charged.


$3.5-million-dollars will be distributed to more than 115,000 Michigan consumers who were deceived by Intuit in paying to file their federal tax return between 2016-2018.


The investigation found that Intuit engaged in several deceptive and unfair trade practices that limited consumers participation in the IRS Free File Program.


The company used confusingly similar names for both its IRS Free File product and its commercial freemium product.


Consumers are expected to receive about $30 for each year they paid for services, the announcement said. They will automatically receive notices and a check by mail.


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