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Big Rapids Police Weekend Blotter


40-2201546 @ 9:57am 300 block Morrison Mental- Female took several anxiety meds after feeling sad. She was transported to SHBRH by EMS

40-2201547 @ 10:06am 500 block N Warren Ave Animal Call- a brown and white dog approached a man fishing. The owner never showed up and it was taken to ARC.

40-2201548 @ 1:03pm 600 block S Michigan Ave Check Wellbeing- Male at the library, He was fine.

40-2201549 @ 2:37pm 1100 block Catherine Check Wellbeing- Male was yelling at his son after he misplaced his bike. A neighbor was concerned as she heard him tell his son he was going to hit him in the face. Male was calm and his son found his bike 

40-2201550 @ 3:01pm 900 block Rose Suspicious Situation- 10-year-old male is chatting on discord being sexually explicit. Unknown how old the other person was.

40-2201551 @ 4:05pm 800 block N Fourth Disorderly- Two females got into an argument. One was moving out. Both claimed they were assaulted by the other. Sent to City Attorney for review

40-2201552 @ 4:50pm 500 block S Michigan Breaking and Entering- The tenants left items in the garage since last August. They opened the garage today to find the boxes had been gone through and items taken and destroyed.  Unknown when it exactly happened.  Under investigation.

40-2201553 @ 5:52pm 500 block N Warren Found property- smart phone found behind Middle School by the river

40-2201554 @ 9:55pm 100 block E Pine  MDOP-  While completing lockups, Officer found someone broken the latch on the bathroom stall.  Cameras reviewed but nothing shows the entry point of the bathroom.  DPW notified.

40-2201555 @ 11:32pm 100 block S. State Suspicious Situation-  Cleaning crew stated a black male was looking at their cleaning rig.  No crime committed.  Checked area, unable to locate anybody. 



40-2201556 @ 8:56am 1100 block Catherine Littering- The owner advised the current renter allowed two other individuals to move into the trailer. The renter was then kicked out by them. The unknown male and female living at the trailer are dumping trash in a neighboring lot and behind the trailer. The individuals are supposedly moving out Sunday. Attempt was made at the trailer with no response. 

40-2201557 @ 11:37am 600 block Maple St PPO violation- Male was getting camping gear from a vehicle his estranged girlfriend has. Forwarded for review

40-2201558 @ 11:36am 800 block Water Tower Mental- Male is paranoid the apartment complex is putting things in the air and water in his apartment.

40-2201559 @ 12:03pm 1800 block Milton Suspicious- Female reported finding a note on her door saying, “I found you.” She believed the note was from an ex that had stalked her previously. Turns out the note was from neighbor kids doing a TikTok prank.

40-2201560 @ 1:26pm 300 block W Bridge. Civil- A window was found broken from what appeared to be a rock. Upon reviewing camera footage it was found the neighbor was mowing his lawn and kicked a rock up damaging the window

40-2201561 @ 2:07pm Found wallet returned to owner

40-2201562 @ 2:56pm PDC State/Perry at fault driver cited

40-22011563 @ 4:18pm 1200 block Perry Ave Littering-. People are dumping trash in the dumpsters. Under Investigation.

40-2201564 @ 5:25pm 300 block S Michigan Ave Lost Item- The air pods initially showed at a residence on Michigan, then they bounced around the area of the 300 block. The area was checked, and houses spoken to.

40-2201565 @ 6:30pm Warrant Pickup Kent County.

40-2201566 @ 10:52pm 600 block Birch.  Mental.  Male wasn’t feeling well and needed to talk to someone at the ER.  We walked from his house to the ER at his request.

40-2201567 @ 2:31am 1000 block Maple St.  Officer Assist-  Male was intoxicated and giving staff an uneasy feeling.  Officers stood by as he loaded up in a taxi and left.



40-2201568 @ 9:18am PDC S State/Oak at fault driver cited

40-2201569 @ 10:00am Found wallet. Message left

40-2201570 @ 3:17pm 400 block Second Ave barking dog. This is an ongoing neighbor dispute. The dog owners have agreed to keep the dog inside while they are not home as it barks nonstop.

40-2201571 @ 7:30pm 100 block W. Madison.  Caller had all her items thrown out in a dumpster by previous roommate. 

40-2201572 @ 10:52pm 600 block Chestnut.  Noise warning issued

40-2201573 @ 12:35am 200 block Baldwin.  Partygoers from the noise complaint were causing issues.  One was escorted out after paying his tab.



40-2201579 @ 10:36pm Prisoner pickup Kent County.


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