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Big Rapids Police Weekend Blotter


40-2200901 @ 1:23pm 600 block S State St. BOL for possible intoxicated driver in drive thru. Driver left prior to arrival but was later located and arrested for OWI high BAC after she left the roadway, hit a street sign, and then a tree as she was pulling into her residence.  Vehicle impounded to Curries; canine passenger taken to shelter. 

40-2200902 @ 6:40pm Warrant Pickup Lake County Male in Contempt of Court.

40-2200903 @ 9:04pm 100 block Maple St Mental.  Female stated her 14 year old grandson was missing.  Long history of mental and dementia complaints of the same.  Attempted to contact her daughter both by telephone and her home. 

40-2200904 @ 9:31pm 1100 block Catherine.  Female was yelling for help.  She suspects her significant other of cheating on her and was "emotionally" crying.  Nothing physical.  Male left for the night.

40-2200905 @ 9:44pm 423 Ives.  Missing autistic juvenile. He was found in the house prior to our arrival. 

40-2200906 @ 1:52am 1800 block Milton.  Caller stated she was being threatened by a male.  Information she provided dispatch was unable to be verified on scene.  Advised of PPO process.  Male was contacted and advised as well. 

40-2200907 @ 10:00pm Warrant Pickup Calhoun County for FTA.  

40-2200908 @ 3:55am 300 block S. Warren.  Fire under the front porch believed to be from a tenant’s cigarette but unknown on the real ignition source.  No foul play suspected. 



40-2200909 @ 7:50am N Stewart/Maple traffic stop for no plate resulted in driver being cited for No Ops, No Insurance, MIP Alcohol. Vehicle towed by Curries

40-2200911 @10:22am 1000 block Bjornson Juvenile was allowed to stay the night at a friend’s house after argument with mom. Mom went to pick her up this morning and she was gone. Juvenile located at different friend’s house and was allowed to stay.

40-2200910 @10:41am 300 block Morrison St Mental. Male was walking around and incoherent. Transported to SHBR to be evaluated.

40-2200912 @ 8:31pm 1100 block Platt.  Loose Mastiff was taken to ARC.  Very friendly.  No tags

40-2200913 @ 12:36am CWB 200 block Hemlock.  Male texted his mom SOS.  Contact was made with him, and he advised it was an accidental dial. 

40-2200914 @ 3:15am City Lot 4.  Heavily intoxicated male stumbled back into the bar.  He was located in his vehicle in the back seat and had urinated himself.  Contact was made with his mother who responded from Howard City to pick him up.



40-2200915 @ 1:21pm 200 block S Stewart Ave. Assist. Officers responded to assist with a disorderly 21-year-old autistic male who had become violent. Male calmed down as officers arrived and officers assisted the family with getting to the Rock Café.

40-2200916 @ 3:04pm 300 block N Warren Ave. Traffic stop led to driver being issued an appearance ticket for no insurance.

40-2200917 @ 4:08pm 800 block N State St. Civil. Male and female disputed who took a set of speakers from the residence.

40-2200918 @ 8:39pm Assist to fire 1100 block Catherine led to male being arrested on multiple misdemeanor warrants.

40-2200919 @ 10:52pm Assist to MSP on traffic stop Colburn/Bronson led to two females being arrested for misdemeanor warrants.

40-2200920 @ 1:54am Tampering with vehicle, 1100 block Fuller. Caller went out to her vehicle and found that all four tires had been removed from her car and had been placed under the vehicle. Unknown suspects.


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